Reclaimed Wood Beam Chandelier with Ropes

$399.00 USD


A beautiful piece to add to any living/dining room. Made from reclaimed barn wood that is cleaned and either left natural or burned to get just the right color. Comes with 2 hanging sockets per foot and 2 big pieces of rope that can be made to be any length. Comes standard with a 6" x 6" beam (available in bigger up to 12" x 12"), sockets of any color and straight or twisted wires.


- 6" x 6" beam chandelier

- 6 to 20 sockets sockets (whatever color you want)

- Black wiring (straight or twisted) with white available also

- Up to 12 feet of rope each side with 2 hooks for the ceiling

- Up to 12 feet of wire to the electrical box

- Black or white canopy cover

- All electrical parts are UL listed

Very easy installation.

Bulbs not included

Will accept ANY type light bulb with a standard medium base


Do not accept imitations, buy the first & original reclaimed beam chandelier made by us.

 *Fatter beams available

Available in any size and configuration.

Contact Us for a custom quote.